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So glad you found my site tabletop craft traveler. Whether you are a brand new crafter or have been following me for years I’m sure you will find something here that makes your stop worthwhile.

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Tools of the Craft

Recommended craft supplies for all levels of crafters, from the beginner who wants to start out on a budget to the more advanced crafter who is ready to expand their crafting arsenal.

Everyone must start somewhere…Here are my recommendations for starting your craft journey (Click on the image to go to my Amazon affiliated links and pick up the item for your own craft space):

This is DM Scotty’s official gluegun and packs a lot of features for the price

Make sure to pick these up to upgrade your gluegun nozzle. A small thin nozzle to shape the hot glue is essential to DM crafting

You will need glue stick to load your new gluegun and this pack is economical and the perfect glue for your Surebonder gluegun

Glue-all is a great all purpose glue for many applications. My collection of videos show countless ways to use the versatile and budget friendly glue.

E6000 is my go to adhesive for anything non-porous. It has Exceptional adhesion to wood, metal and plastic. It even works on EVA foam but beware, it will melt Styrofoam, foamboard and (XPS) Extruded Polystyrene (the pink or blue insulation foam used on houses).

Styrogoo is the ultimate craft glue. It will glue almost anything together and unlike E6000 will not melt Styrofoam, foamcore or EVA foam. This is my Amazon link and the Styrogoo is a bit pricey there. I recommend you pick it up directly from the Hot Wire Foam Factory. Here is the link: I want to purchase some styrogoo

A decent pair of scissors is an essential tool that all crafters should have. This is a nice deal on a set of three pairs.

A box cutter is useful to many crafts. This is a inexpensive but good quality knife.

Inexpensive craft paints are perfect for terrain crafting. This is a great starter set that you can begin your collection with.

This is a nice starter pack of brushes that give a large variety of sizes and types for your terrain crafting. Larger brushes for covering large areas as well as finer brushes for details

Craft sticks are very useful material and every crafter should have some. The sticks can be used to make anything from bridges, wagons and doors to walls and fences and are super easy to work with. To make your life even easier check out the miter cutter in my advanced tools section.

And That is all you need to start in the wonderful world of DM crafting

About DM Scotty

Hello web traveler . . . My name is DM Scotty and I have a passion for cheap and easy tabletop terrain. About 6 years ago I got back into RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and found that my players and I were not happy with grid maps and wanted something more visually appealing. Running through the expensive and hard to play on options I became obsessed with bringing a better experience for my players. I made a list of criteria. Quick and easy to make but still look visually appealing to game on.  Full access to the layouts for players sitting around a table and cheap materials that did not break the bank. Over six years I have pioneered 3 systems to game on. My original 2.5D where the walls are low to the table making access easy. My 2.5D NEXT where the walls are still low to the table but modular making it easier to produce any layout you wish and my final and current iteration DM Scotty’s Tilescapes where I use more 3D elements but my tiles have no walls. The edge implies there is a wall but makes line of sight and access to the space easy for sitting players. I have hundreds of videos on YouTube at The DM’s Craft…Check them out!

Take me to The DM's Craft
Take me to The DM’s Craft

Scotty’s Craft Finds

As many of you know I go through a lot of glue-sticks. I purchased this box of glue-sticks in January 2017 and am only about half way through the box.

These sticks are great! For one thing I don’t have to worry about running out of glue during a project. Another thing I love about these sticks is the length. They are 10″ long so a full 2″ longer than most sticks and that means I don’t have to change sticks as often.

You can purchase these awesome sticks here through my affiliated link:


Click here for 5lbs of glue-sticks

Also don’t forget to get my favorite glue gun:

Click here for my favorite glue-gun

Wanted to share some really cool Dragons I found for use in crafts. These dragons are snap together so you can easily take them apart to use the bits in different crafts. I also like the translucent eggs they are packed in and these could be used in crafts also. All told each dragon plus egg is about $1.50 each. A great deal for such useful craft bits.

Click here to get the 12 pack.

These picks are great for crafting and have so many uses. They make great fences or ammunition for ballistas. The possibilities of putting these on or in terrain is endless.

Click here to get 1000 picks

My life has been changed with this tool. It is so much easier to fix bent plastic minis with a heat gun than it is use the messy hot water method. I have fixed Reaper bones, bent plastic minis in boardgames and even pre-painted plastic minis. Do yourself a favor and fix those bent weapons easily with an inexpensive heat gun.

See How I use the Heat Gun

Click here to get the gun

Skulls Everywhere!…These skull beads are great for decorating terrain. I use a ton of them.

Click here to get the beads

Here is a sweet deal for 3 nail art brushes. The brushes are small and great for painting details on minis and at this price you can’t go wrong.

Click here to get these brushes

Tiny skulls scaled to the size of D&D minis can be used in many projects. This box comes with 340 various skulls. Many are human skulls and vary from whole skulls to damaged skulls. The box also contains a nice selection of inhuman and monster skulls.

Grab the skulls at this link

I love these stackable cases not only for the ability to lock together but also the fact that they are clear, so you can see what terrain you have stored inside. I tend to group my terrain in these boxes. For example, one compartment will have graveyard terrain and another will have all my different pillars.

Pick them up at this link

I love these clear mini bases. They allow our beautifully crafted terrain to show through the base of the minis.

Get the clear bases here

Just discovered these color shifting paints and they are amazing. I got the whole set and have begun to use them in my crafts. Will have vids this year utilizing these paints that shift colors like iridescent beetle shells.

Get the set here at my link

These gears have so many uses for crafting. From siege engines to strange magical machines you can’t go wrong with this awesome assortment of gears.

Pick up the lot here

These model tree armatures can save you lots of time making trees.

pick them up here

Whether you want to use these dragon bones as the basis for a giant dracolich or as decoration in a game this skeleton is super cool and will be useful as craft material at some point so pick one or two up.

Get your dragon skeletons here

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