Pioneer Class Station

Publisher: Zozer Games

A Ship Book and Adventure for the Cepheus Engine and for the HOSTILE setting.

They and rsquo;re everywhere and ndash; in fact, they are now so ubiquitous that you probably don and rsquo;t even notice them anymore. What am I talking about? The Pioneer Stations. The 600-ton Leyland-Okuda Pioneer is a general purpose industrial operations platform, a five-man space station designed to serve as an operations center, drone control, fuel store or supply dump.

This book contains a complete write-up of the station, it and rsquo;s design principles, uses and specifications . It includes full color illustrations as well as complete deck-by-deck plans.

But you also get an adventure supplied: and nbsp;Vanishing Point.

The Company has lost contact with a helium-3 mining station and the supply ship sent to investigate has vanished. Your players are the crew of the commercial towing vessel Grendel, assigned to investigate.

Can they avoid stumbling from one survival crisis to the next? Can they find any survivors? There are difficult places to explore, space-walks to conduct and difficult choices to be made. And and hellip; they are not alone and hellip;

Vanishing Point uses the deckplans for the Pioneer Station already provided. and nbsp;


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