About DM Scotty

Hello web traveler . . . My name is DM Scotty and I have a passion for cheap and easy tabletop terrain. About 6 years ago I got back into RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and found that my players and I were not happy with grid maps and wanted something more visually appealing. Running through the expensive and hard to play on options I became obsessed with bringing a better experience for my players. I made a list of criteria. Quick and easy to make but still look visually appealing to game on.  Full access to the layouts for players sitting around a table and cheap materials that did not break the bank. Over six years I have pioneered 3 systems to game on. My original 2.5D where the walls are low to the table making access easy. My 2.5D NEXT where the walls are still low to the table but modular making it easier to produce any layout you wish and my final and current iteration DM Scotty’s Tilescapes where I use more 3D elements but my tiles have no walls. The edge implies there is a wall but makes line of sight and access to the space easy for sitting players. I have hundreds of videos on YouTube at The DM’s Craft…Check them out!

Take me to The DM's Craft
Take me to The DM’s Craft