Foam Cutting Tools in Action

Check out this vid to see how easy it is to use Hot Wire Foam Factory



Make Easy ROCK FACE Terrain with Minimum Mess (DM’s Craft #143)

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To Hot Wire Foam Factory

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Styrogoo is the ultimate craft glue. It will glue almost anything together and unlike E6000 will not melt Styrofoam, foamcore or EVA foam. This is my Amazon link and the Styrogoo is a bit pricey there. I recommend you pick it up directly from the Hot Wire Foam Factory. Here is the link: I want to purchase some styrogoo

If you are serious about building out of foam and want to make straight cuts then a Proxxon Thermocut is for you. This rig is worth every penny if you plan to makes lots of terrain out of Styrofoam

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