Tools of the Craft

Recommended craft supplies for all levels of crafters, from the beginner who wants to start out on a budget to the more advanced crafter who is ready to expand their crafting arsenal.

Everyone must start somewhere…Here are my recommendations for starting your craft journey (Click on the image to go to my Amazon affiliated links and pick up the item for your own craft space):

This is DM Scotty’s official gluegun and packs a lot of features for the price

Make sure to pick these up to upgrade your gluegun nozzle. A small thin nozzle to shape the hot glue is essential to DM crafting

You will need glue stick to load your new gluegun and this pack is economical and the perfect glue for your Surebonder gluegun

Glue-all is a great all purpose glue for many applications. My collection of videos show countless ways to use the versatile and budget friendly glue.

E6000 is my go to adhesive for anything non-porous. It has Exceptional adhesion to wood, metal and plastic. It even works on EVA foam but beware, it will melt Styrofoam, foamboard and (XPS) Extruded Polystyrene (the pink or blue insulation foam used on houses).

Styrogoo is the ultimate craft glue. It will glue almost anything together and unlike E6000 will not melt Styrofoam, foamcore or EVA foam. This is my Amazon link and the Styrogoo is a bit pricey there. I recommend you pick it up directly from the Hot Wire Foam Factory. Here is the link: I want to purchase some styrogoo

A decent pair of scissors is an essential tool that all crafters should have. This is a nice deal on a set of three pairs.

A box cutter is useful to many crafts. This is a inexpensive but good quality knife.

Inexpensive craft paints are perfect for terrain crafting. This is a great starter set that you can begin your collection with.

This is a nice starter pack of brushes that give a large variety of sizes and types for your terrain crafting. Larger brushes for covering large areas as well as finer brushes for details

Craft sticks are very useful material and every crafter should have some. The sticks can be used to make anything from bridges, wagons and doors to walls and fences and are super easy to work with. To make your life even easier check out the miter cutter in my advanced tools section.

And That is all you need to start in the wonderful world of DM crafting